Thursday, 31 December 2009

Working progress

You know when you get to the stage... do you add more or stop? well that's where I am at with this. It has been a trial and error project, the kit was from a class I couldn't attend due to illness but I didn't have any instructions with it, all I know was I should have used beeswax at some point but I couldn't get on with it so I kinda made it up as I was going along.

I have used image transfer for the lady in the metal frame which was first embossed in Verdigris and then stamped on top of the embossing and the image added behind, the background is a combination of acrylic paint, glimmer mist,and tissue image transfer with stamping over all of that and the metal railing has been coloured and misted as well. The flowers are metal cut out from a punch and then touched up with metalic paint.The lace on the top was coloured using mist and metallic paint and then stiffened before being added to the top of the frames. I have added a metallic border to the outside of each of the frames I think I'll have a go doing something to the backs of them now so that they are reversable.

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Sally said...

Fabulous card. Thank you for stopping by my blog and participating in our Charisma Cardz Blog Hop. Happy New Year!