Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Too Old.......!!

Had to share this piccie with you of my grandson Ethan and my hubbie when they went round the car museum yesterday......It looks like Ethan is thinking of something with his finger on his lip.....but what, probably "did they really have cars like that Grandad when you was young".

                    Ethan got behind the wheels of Brum...well not the real one although it was there.


Netty said...

Smashing pictures Daniele, grandson and grandad obviously doing a bit of male bonding.... Lovely. Annette xx

Dawn said...

Awh what wonderful times we have with our Granchildren! Love the tag from yesterday too very lush!

Love Dawn xx

Diane said...

Cute!!!! That's probably what he was thinking,lol!
Love him in the little car!