Monday, 11 July 2011


Evening peeps, I'm on my holls sipping a machiato overlooking Lake Garda whilst typing this.....doesn't get any better, the weather is hot hot hot and my son has been sunbathing which is a first as he shivers in 30 We had a fun start to the holls as hubby overslept and we caught the ferry by the skin of our teeth, spent the afternoon in Disneyland Paris before hitting the sack after a tiring day. we then travelled down to Lake Lucerne in Switzerland arriving in the afternoon, our hotel was on the shore of the lake.....great view with the snow capped peeks, however its expensive......really expensive nearly £30 for a Macdonalds, I did want a fondu but at £35 per person we thougt it was expensive for bread dipped in melted All we've done since we arrived at Lake Garda is sleep, eat, swim, sleep eat....I'm so tired guess its called unwinding. we had the mother of all thunderstorms last night, thought the caravan was going to take off but today the sky has been clear and the sun is now setting over the lake.....what shall I do tomorrow?.....probably more of the same as
Hugs for now

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Netty said...

Have a great time Daniele, you deserve it. Annette x