Saturday, 24 March 2012


Morning peeps I'm back.....actually its seems as if I was away for more than 2 days, probably beause we packed in so much with crafting and sightseeing. Hubby took me to Whitby for a two day workshop with Jean Hardy who is the maufacturer of the gorgeous Crafty Individual stamps, well Malcolm her partner makes them as well as all the gorgeous images as hes a photographer. We were so well looked after and I must have put on another seven pounds in weight with all the gorgeous food that Kay laid on for us......amazing salmon and brocoli lasagne.

I'll post pics of what I made at the class later as I need to photograph them, but I though I'd share with you some pics of where we stayed for the first night.....not your usual B&B in fact they don't allow children under the age of 8 as its a bit spooky, but brilliant. The B&B is called Bats and Broomsticks and is well worth a stay especially if you are into Goth/Horror or just plain adventurous. The rooms are all themed with all things Goth, as is the whole of the place, in fact I had this full sized model of a vampire and coffin outside my room so when I need the loo I had to shimmy past it as if you touched it its arm went up and only got me the
Its not every night that I share my fourposter bed with a bat and other assorted creatures.

on the skirting board by the fire place there was a little gothic arched wooden door with a mouse by the side of detailed, even the bathrooms were themed.

We met another couple the next morning at breakfast so we were all doing a tour of all the bedrooms in the place as each was different but brillliantly decorated, the attention to detail is amazing,inside the wardrobes you get a wooden stake, hammer and well as a heat magazine rofl.
When we went downstairs for breakfast the room was dimmly lit and we had a candlelit full English breakfast, the attention to detail is amazing.

......check out the pic of the cutlery, even the toast was branded

Catch up with you all later


Littlebearcrafts said...

Wow, what an amazing place to stay!
Clare x

Unknown said...

Wow hunni, it looks sooo chich!! You must have felt like a princess!! Hugs, Frea

Ally said...

aaaaahahaha, I looooove the toast!!! So funny!
Hugs, Alessandra

Lynn Stevens said...

My gosh, where have I been, I'm doing some catching up on your blog.
Looks like a wonderful trip. Talk about all those finishing touches, even the toast! LOL
hugs Lynn

Ephemera said...

Your hotel looked amazing! I've never been to Whitby before and I really fancy a trip there now LOL. X