Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Chocolate Week

Hi all you chocoholics out there this week is chocolate week......yay I hear you all shout any excuse to eat more chocolate.I dieted for a whole day so that I was fighting fit ready for this week.Thorntons are touring the country this week tasting and demonstrating as well as making chocolate art, so if you are in Birmingham high street, London, Reading Oracle,Nottingham or Edinburgh then pop ino Thorntons and meet our chocolatier

Did you know:
  • It takes a whole years crop from 1 cocoa tree to produce just 1lb of cocoa.
  • Over 60% of the worlds cocoa comes from Ghana and the Ivory Coast.
  • Cocoa butter gives that delicious 'melt in the mouth' feel because it melts at body temperature.

Keith Hurdman putting the final touches to the chocolate Eiffel Tower at St. Pancreas Station
I actually stood next to this when I went to our conference earlier on in September....they wouldn't let me take a nibble of it though, shame

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