Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I'm fininshed.....

Well its official I have finished the marathon, four weeks of painting and two days of carpet laying, moving every piece of furniture in the house, I've spring cleaned, well winter cleaned, I've decluttered and I am pooooopppppped, oh and I managed to get the Christmas trees up as well, just wanted to mark the occassion being as its 12122012. My daughter went into labour yesterday but has gone off the boil, we thought she was going to give birth today as she has a thing about 2's, my daughters birthday is the 22nd, Ethans birthday and her partners birthday is the 2nd so it seemed fitting that the next one should have a 2 in as well. I can get into my craft room again and catch up with a few Christmas cards that I have yet to make.


Sue said...

Well Done Daniele, I bet you are relieved to get everything finished before Christmas.
I hope your new Grandchild arrives safe and sound very soon.
Take care
Hugs Sue

MagsB said...

It certainly has been a marathon! Congratulations on surviving all the hassle, I hope you have time to relax now!

And best of luck to your daughter, I bet you're all on tenterhooks! What a wonderful Christmas present - a new baby!

Take care!

love Mags B x

Netty said...

You have done brilliantly Daniele. Wishing your daughter well and am sure you cannot wait to cuddle the new baby........x

Annie said...

it's all go at yours then! I have given the bathroom door 3 coats of gloss on top of the undercoat and it's still not right .. .. but will have to do. Only 4 more doors plus the other side of the bathroom door to do at the new end, plus skirtings .. .. mine will have to wait 'till next year now though! Perhaps your daughter will hang on now until the 22nd?
hugs, annie x

Chrissie said...

Well done Daniele!
I don't know how you've done all this and still managed to make your beautiful cards too. You deserve a medal sweetie.
Chrissie xx