Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Pan Pastilles.......

Now I bet your're wondering what is she on about pan Pastilles......well I wrote to santa and asked for some Pan Pastels this Christmas, just a few colours to have a play with, so what did he send me ....yep you guessed it.....

.......a pan with some pastlles you eat in it.......ha ha ha......, now you think my hubby and son would learn that my sense of hummour is not brill, luckily he did get me some of the proper ones as well so hes off the hook again, but only just. A few years ago he asked me what I wanted  for Christmas so I said a Tuscan Villa......ok I was being ambitious but you never know......I got a chocolate with a label saying Tuscan Vanilla on it. 
Hope you all having a great Christmas just got back from having a cuddle with my two Grandsons.....mwaaaaahhhh.


Cec said...

I have decided your DH is related to my DH. I never shook Christmas presents as a kid but when we were dating I shook one he had given me and to my horror it sounded like I had broken it. When Christmas rolled around and I opened it there was a lovely & expensive bottle of Cognac safely wrapped in rubber and a plastic bottle with 3 screws in it, which were making the noise. Another Christmas I opened a very rectangular present to find an 18" long piece of 2x4 wood with two $50 bills attached. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Lynn Stevens said...

Hahahahaha Love his sense of humor!!!
Good thing he backed it up with the real deal!!!
Have a wonderful New Year.
Hugs Lynn

Deborah said...

Love your husband's sense of humour. Its the kind of thing my husband would do.

Have fun playing and "eating"!

Janet - aka stacky said...

Ha ha ha he he he loving your pan pastels xx

Wendi said...

What more could you ask for, a new pan, sweeties and the real thing 3 in 1, that's my sense of humour
Happy New Year