Sunday, 22 November 2009


Yesterday I spent the day at a workshop with the lovely talented  Linda from L.B.Crafts in Olney, I have booked a couple of her workshops..... boy are they hard to get into some, people had queued from 7.30a.m on the day that the classes had been released to book them,  might have to do that myself next waiting for the Next sale to start We spent the day making this fab wall decoration NOEL now on the picture when I booked the class I thought it was small......oh no the photo I have taken is from the floor with me standing up the, design is about 25ins x8ins so we were kept busy all day. The tops of the letters were made in metal and we had to select different moulds for the patterns-----first time doing metal work and it makes your hands ache but well worth it.So I spent a lovely day painting and getting messy......can't wait for the next one.

Close up of one of the letters and the fab background.


Claire said...

That looks really good.

Anne said...

So beautiful!! Great work!

Greetings from Anne (Norway)