Friday, 18 May 2012

Harry Potter.....

Evening peeps I thought I'd share with you some pics of our visit to Warner Bros studios to see the Making of Harry Potter.........didn't really know what to expect but was it worth it............YES.
It was amazing to get up close to the sets and props, we were amazed at how large evrything was, I was expecting small models but oh no Buck Beek was full size as was Hagrid, didn't realize how tall he was, although he is a half The details were out of this world and  the amount of people and skills that are needed to make a film is amazing, in fact the actors play a small part in comparison.

outside the great hall

The ice sculpture from the ball

The chocoalte creations for one one of the feasts, unfortunately it wasn't real but they added the smell
so it made you feel hungry.....hmmmm

The portrait that hided the door to the dormitory

The model of the castle, this was awe inspiring as it filled a great big room

Outside the room of Dolores, all pink and glam.

I'll post some more pics another day


Meggymay said...

Amazing photos Daniele, I enjoyed the Harry Potter films. The models look fantastic.
Yvonne x

catherine said...

Wow this looks like a fantastic visit you have had. the details look stunning. Hope I may be lucky one day to visit this. Lovely pics and looking forward to seeing some more
x catherine

Netty said...

wow the photos are stunning Daniele, thank you for sharing. Annette x

Unknown said...

Hi Daniele, wow that looks amazing and sounds so exciting. Would love to see it myself! Hugs, Frea

Little K Smith said...

Ooooohhh I'm so jealous! Would love to go and visit! Great piccies too!
Have a lovely weekend hun :)

Harry Potter Checks Online said...

Very pretty! I so love this..

Ally said...

wooooooooooooooooooow I want want want want want to go there too!!! Great piccies, thanks a million for sharing!
hugs, Alessandra

Miria said...

What an eye candy for me, Daniele. I do love Harry Potter, I read all the books - in English - and I saw all the films - in English and Italian. I also used them for my students to let them learn some more English in a different way, I'll tell them about the studios, thank you! Hugs, Miria xx

Sonia said...

Wow looks amazing, nice photos of you too Daniele :) Hope you are well?
Hugs Sonia xx