Sunday, 31 January 2010

Another Sunday

I think I've finally thawed out from yesterday in the shop, only to get up this morning to a thin layer of the white stuff, it was so cold yesterday in the shop that I had to eat more chocs than ususal to keep my sugar levels up to keep Had a visit from a lovely friend in the afternoon who used to be a mananger but has since moved and is now opening up her own interiors shop in Holt........little bit envious as i always wanted an interiors design shop but soon realised that i'd take most of the things home.......wouldn't be to good as it would then become a second hand shop........i'm spending today having a me day as i want to catch up with some of this weeks challenges and being as my friend Rachel has taken most of my cards to sell in her shop i've got a perfect excuse to make some

take care hugs from Daniele x

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