Thursday, 28 January 2010

Nearly finished

Before picture of my messy small space
Today i finally got my workroom straight so that I can get in there again and start crafting as i haven't mananged to do anything since Sunday.......Got my storage cubes from Ikea and also purchased a clear plastic desk top cover which will be great for distressing as it will wipe clean and only £3.99 and it was so big i cut it in half. I can also finally get my sewing machine up instead of dashing back downstairs to do the stitching.

After picture.........all that space i wonder how long it'll be before i fill it?


Chrissie said...


Louisa said...

Wow wee... It looks really good.

I shouldnt think it will take you that long to fill the space though... i bet there are shelves on the wall before the end of the year :) x x x