Thursday, 30 December 2010

Just one of those days....

I think I should have stayed in bed today as its been one of those days when everything goes wrong, it started off ok, I picked Ethan up and managed to poke him in the eye, we then went shopping and when we opened up the boot to get the shopping out a bag fell over and half the groceries fell out and rolled down the drive into the road. Then when I was putting the shopping away I dropped a frozen chicken on my toes, whilst wrestling with a frozen turkey.......ouch, that really hurt and three toes bruised instantly, but I was brave and I limped around the local garden centre where I spilt my sons drink and then spilt vinegar over my dessert....yuk, my toes were throbbing so my hubby dropped me off at A&E to see if any of my toes were broken, the doctor burst out laughing when I told her what I'd done, but apparently they are just badly bruised however apparently I have broken them in the past and wasn't aware.......spooky.
So I think I'll stay at home tomorrow it might be safer, mind you I probably won't be able to get my shoes on anyway........oh well.


Netty said...

OMG Daniele what an awful day. You should have gone to LB Crafts instead. Wishing you a very Happy New Year my friend. Annette x

MagsB said...

Oh dear, what a disastrous day! I hope you have a luckier and happier New Year!

luv, Mags x

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh you poor thing! What a Bad day!
Lets hope tomorrow is better, you have to start the New Year off right.
Hugs Lynn

Annie said...

put your toes up, gently on the slippers now, and get someone to pour you a glass of something to take the ache away! I do hope you feel better soon - I find with grandsons all is forgiven with a cuddle.
hugs, annie x