Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Just a few pics from my holls in Venice it really is a magical place and each time we've been you find something different to see.However if you are going this year and you want to see 'The Bridge of Sighs' you will be disapointed as it was boarded up being restored its a giant advert for Sisley, over the past few years they have been restoring the main square, Doge palace and the water front.
Daughter Louisa, partner Lee, son Richard and Hubby

Ethan and is love of icecream
 My grandson could not get enough icecream as you can tell from the photo he loves the stuff
 Picture of me and my hubby, this is a rare event as I hate having my picture taken as I always have my eyes closed so I decided to keep my sun glasses on.(I bet they're closed though)

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