Friday, 9 July 2010

Back Home

Hiya peeps we are all back home after our holls in Italy...need another holiday to recover I think, my grandson had a great time no more rubber rings for him only happy to be diving in the water whether it was the sea or pool hes only 20 months going on 4 years....hes learnt his first Italian word Ciao...very hot there in the 30's most days dread to think what the temp. gets to in August, can't cope with hot flushes and high tempratures at the same time. My son got his results for his degree whilst we were on hols....a 2.1 with honours in computer game programming, he excelled in 3d art, so we are all thrilled to bits with him especially as a teacher at school when he was picking his subjects for GCES told him not to do computing as he was no good....I did lots of colouring whilst I was away so now I've got to find the time to make them up and get into entering challenges again...can't wait I did miss my fix. lol
Oh well off to do the mountain of washing, followed by ironing.....why do we go on holiday !!!!

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Netty said...

Welcome Home Daniele, congratulations all round for the family achievements. Looking forward to seeing your creations, have missed them. Annette x