Wednesday, 21 July 2010


We've just got back after a rather long day at my sons graduation, the weather was kind and stayed dry although it had forecast rain, we did arrive before the rush so we had a leisurely day until the ceremomy later this afternoon...I didn't realise that only the parents were allowed to clap or shout out as their son or daughter went across the stage....I don't know who was more nervous my son or us, we had to make ourselves heard from the circle so that our son could hear us on problem. Pictures are before and after, the hair def. clashed with the colours of his robe....but he was happy so thats all that matters, and he was the only student there with blue hair, all his other fellow students who had sported various shades and lengths all year had a colour ban by their parents for the ceremony.

proud Mum and Dad

getting int his robes he did have the help of  a young lady who was hardly tall enough ...bless

robed and ready to go

colours of the department

Proud mum


Netty said...

Hi proud mum and rightly so. You all looked so happy. A Great day. Annette x

Mags said...

Your child's graduation is such a special day! When my daughter graduated I was bursting with pride!! I'm glad you had a good time.